Other services

At Punt Arquitectes, in addition to carrying out projects and works, we also carry out necessary administrative procedures such as work permits, opening and activity licenses, technical building inspections (ITE), habitability certificates and energy certificates.

Work licenses. To carry out a reform, a new commercial activity and / or change of use, it is necessary to carry out a series of mandatory administrative procedures. Depending on the type of work, a minor works license or license for major works will be required.

Opening and activity license. To open a local or an office, it is necessary to make an opening license application and it is required that architects or installers write these reports and certify them. At Punt Arquitectes we take care of the preparation of the documents, as well as the adaptation of the premises, if necessary.

Technical Building Inspection (in Spanish, ITE). The Technical Building Inspection studies and evaluates the general state of a building of houses to verify its security, accessibility and its state of conservation. At Punt Arquitectes, we carry out the necessary reports for the ITE and related projects. The inspection is mandatory for all multifamily buildings of houses according to their age.

Certificate of occupancy. The certificate or permit of habitability is the document that certifies that the property or housing complies with the requirements of habitability required by the corresponding regulations. Punt Arquitectes performs the necessary steps to obtain the certificate of habitability: visit to the property, filling in the form and administrative procedures. This document has a validity of 10 years from its issuance and must be processed again after spending this time.

Energy certification. It is a necessary mandatory process for all buildings, homes and premises that you want to rent or sell. At Punt Arquitectes we carry out energy certificates, which includes the visit to the property, the corresponding measurements and the writing of the report. All of these are previous steps necessary to request and obtain the energy certificate.