Asset management

Asset Management

The reality of the real estate sector in Spain has caused a large number of properties and a large amount of land to have been concentrated in global real estate operators. Punt Arquitectes collaborates with several entities in the management of these assets, analyzing and debugging each case to find the added value in each particular case. This results in the transformation and revalorization of these assets to facilitate their new acquisition by companies and individuals.

For this reason, we offer the following services:

  • Analysis of the admission of assets. Technical depuration
  • Management of assets. Incidents, studies …
  • Urban Development.
  • Outsourcing agency of only.
  • ‘Due diligence’.
  • Market studies.

Audit of projects and works:

  • Verification of the development status of the project.
  • Analysis of the adaptation to current regulations.
  • Checking the status of different licenses, works, environmental, etc.
  • Checking the actual status of the works.
  • Identification of existing injuries.
  • Survey of the current status and preparation of documentation to tender the work.
  • Elaboration of the Parts by Incidence PPI, previous to the reception of the work. Follow-up of the correct execution until the final reception.
  • Processing of the final work documentation (building book, habitability certificate, environmental license, etc.)